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Dienstag, 16.10.2012, 8:00 Uhr

Hotel Imperial, Kärntner Ring 16, 1015 Wien

Wie Sie aus der Einladung von Michael Lafferty, Lafferty Group, London unten ersehen, ist er mit einem Team am 16. Oktober in Wien, um mit Ihnen über weltweite Trends im Retail Banking und Konsequenzen, die seines Erachtens aus der Finanzkrise zu ziehen sind, zu diskutieren. Weiters wird er bei dieser Gelegenheit auch den Lafferty Members Club vorstellen. Präsentation und Diskussion werden in Englisch erfolgen.
I would like to meet you at the Hotel Imperial, Vienna, on 16th October to discuss the need for retail banking to get away from sales-driven activities.
The Lafferty Members Club is soon to be launched.

As the concept is new, I am inviting selected groups to pilot the club activities over the next few months.

Club membership includes regular meetings with key industry leaders, including commentators, analysts, researchers and Lafferty Group clients.

These meetings will provide you with the opportunity to network with fellow members of the Lafferty Members Club to discuss the latest developments in the retail banking and card and payments markets.

On the 16th October I am in Vienna and would like to invite you to attend the first of these meetings which is being hosted at the Hotel Imperial at 8am. At this meeting I will address the need for retail banking to become a profession and to get away from sales-driven activities.

Numbers for this meeting are however limited.

I really hope you can join me.

Michael Lafferty
Chairman, Lafferty Group, London


Wir freuen uns gemeinsam mit Michael Lafferty auf diesen Termin!